Czes Staciwa

Landscape Photographer

Czes is a fine art landscape photographer with a wealth of experience gained from pursuing his lifetime interest in photography. He is domiciled in Australian and hence utilises the dramatic and high contrast lighting conditions that are the norm in this country to produce amazing photographs. He travels extensively taking the opportunity to expand his landscape photography  and to pursue his interest in travel photography.

Czes is always on the lookout for interesting locations and subjects. He aims to provide landscape photographs from a different perspective, as well as providing images which generate an emotive response from the viewer.

He utilises both digital and film cameras, in both medium and 35mm format. His digital equipment consists of a Canon 5DMkII body with L series lenses while his film cameras are a Pentax 67II and a Horsman 612. He utilises the later to capture stunning panoramic landscape photos. His approach is to have all data captured in camera. Post production processing being kept to a minimum. Any images captured on film are scanned and all printing is done on fine art paper.

 After enjoying  a successful career of financial management in the Corporate world he finally made the change to full time photography in 2011.  It is only in the last couple of years that he has made a concerted effort to present his work to a wider audience. In keeping with this strategy, and in order to compliment his online presence, he opened up a gallery on in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in 2012.

He is  available for client based assignments either in Australia or overseas be they commercial or private.